Blue Collar

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Scene Description: Hunter Marx is really busting his ass loading up the truck with theday's deliveries. Luckily, Joaquin Ramirez interrupts the busy stud andsuggests he take a break. Yeah, Hunter does need a breather andnow he's got a sexy man to help him take a load off. Joaquin getsdown on his knees to service Hunter's meat, drawing it in and inhalingthe musky aroma of his sweaty crotch. Hunter's all smiles, enjoyingthe sensation of having the young man's lips wrapped tightly aroundhis shaft. Soon it's the big guy craving a snack and he quickly slurpsup a helping of ass as he begins to devour Joaquin's hole. Afterjuicing up his buddy's man cave with enough spit, Hunter steps up tofuck him. He grinds in slow and sure, then accelerates, going fasterand faster. Both men are getting a workout and finally finish withHunter the first to cum and Joaquin quickly answering with a heftyserving of his own.